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R Muhammad
Freelance Editor
I was working on many sites and found it difficult to do everything single-handed. I found Socialize Me Today! online and gave the service a try. They were bang on target. Service has been good enough for me to continue using them.
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Ray Morris
Advertising Manager
Socialize Me Today! was recommended by one of our clients. Checked them out and found their work professional, timely and to our specification.
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Abena Sekai
Website Owner
Found Socialize Me Today! while surfing. I wanted a Facebook page created. They did a good job. I am happy with their work.
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S Kalva
Public Relations Manager
My Office was looking for someone to revamp and maintain our office website. I found Socialize Me Today! and recommended we take their social media package. It worked. Really worked for us.
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Linor Roi
Media manager, SureFire Media Inc
Our advertising agency had a few clients who needed Facebook pages made. Friends recommended Socialize Me Today! for the job. Must say I am glad I did that. My clients are happy and I plan to use Socialize Me Today! for all future needs.
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Tina Fernandes
CEO theartforums.com
I had worked with one of the Socialize Me Today! team members in the past. When they approached me, I decided to check their service out. They promoted my site, making it possible for me to flip it at a later date. Honestly, best investment I made. Ever!